How to Use Chopsticks

Spoiler: Bottom stick is the foundation. Top stick does all the work.

If you haven’t quite mastered the art of using chopsticks, we’re here to (hopefully) help. First things first: The tapered end of the chopstick is for picking up the food, while the blunt end will extend behind your hand.

Step 1: Place the lower chopstick against your ring finger and hold it with the base of your thumb. This stick shouldn’t move while picking up food; it’s intended to stay stable.

Step 2: Hold the upper chopstick like a pencil, supported by the inside top of your thumb and your pointer finger.

Step 3: Use your thumb, pointer and index fingers to move the upper chopstick. Pinch your food between the upper and lower chopsticks—and chow down!

Step 4: CHOW DOWN! Use our Soy Vay sauces like Veri Veri Teriyaki® to create the perfect dip for all your bites.

Once you get used to using chopsticks for easy foods like sushi, you’ll love its ability to effectively shovel rice, wings, noodles, beans, etc. into your mouth.

But for those of us who never quite get the hang of it (novices, butterfingers, fork lovers): When you’re eating sushi at home, you can always skip the whole hullabaloo and use your hands. Just don’t dare try that at a Japanese restaurant! It doesn’t follow proper etiquette.