Flavors Unite!

Welcome to the world of Soy Vay, where flavors unite to make every meal more awesome.

When a Jewish boy and a Chinese girl joined flavor forces over 30 years ago, they knew they were making a tasty new marinade that would wow friends and family. What they didn’t know was that their marinade — an inventive mash-up of cultures, flavors and traditions — was only the beginning. On that day in 1980, they ignited a revolution. A saucy, tangy, tasty revolution.

Fast forward to today, and we still passionately believe (just like our founders) that the best pairs in life are the unexpected ones. Because when you bring different worlds/cuisines/experiences together, amazing and delicious things happen.

That’s why at Soy Vay, we’re always on the hunt for the interesting, the original and the unconventional. And we encourage you to do the same — whether you’re new to our sauces (might we suggest Veri Veri Teriyaki®?) or one of our biggest fans.

Because unexpected just tastes better. Enjoy!