How to Make Simple Sushi

It takes fewer ingredients than you’d think to make the perfect sushi roll.

When making homemade sushi, we prefer the maki roll where your rice, fish and veggies are rolled up in a dried seaweed wrap (called nori). Other styles of sushi include sashimi – just raw fish; nigiri – raw fish stacked on top of a rice ball; and the uramaki “inside out” roll – rice on the outside of the roll.

Things you’ll need:

  • Sushi Rice – You can either go the more complicated sushi vinegar route or use sushi rice seasoning powder to achieve similar results
  • Nori sheets
  • Sushi-grade fish cut into smallish chunks
  • Sliced veggies like avocado and cucumber
  • A small bowl of water + rice vinegar to dip your fingers in so your hands don’t stick to the rice and nori
  • A bamboo rolling mat wrapped in plastic wrap—or alternatively, use a tea towel
  • A sharp chef’s knife
  • Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki® for dipping

Step 1: Put a sheet of nori, rough side facing up, on the bamboo mat or tea towel. Then lightly spread a small ball of sushi rice into a thin layer on the nori. The rice should come to the edge on the side of the sheet closest to you and stop about an inch from the far side.

Tip: Keep your fingers wet with a mixture of water and rice vinegar to avoid having the rice stick to your hands.

Step 2: Place your ingredients in their own line (i.e. line of avocado with a line of salmon above that and a line of cucumber above that) just a couple inches up from the near edge of the sheet. Don’t overstuff!

Step 3: Starting with the edge closest to you, lift the nori and start rolling it over the ingredients. Use the bamboo mat to guide and tighten the rolling action (avoid rolling the mat into the food), making sure that the fillings don’t fall out the sides.

Step 4: Press firmly as you continue to roll. Dampen the far edge of the nori with your water + rice vinegar mixture to help seal the roll.

Step 5: Moisten the edge of your knife with the water + rice vinegar mixture then cut your roll into eighths.

Step 6: Dunk in teriyaki and enjoy!